The Book of Acts

The Book of Acts

Course Description

The Book of Acts is a book about mission and this course follows the main story-line in Acts and focuses on  the spread of the gospel and missionary expansion. Special emphasis is given to using the book of Acts to gain understanding of the history of the early church, methods of evangelism and contemporary issues which are addressed in it.

Course Objectives

    • to explain the purpose and practical application of the Book of Acts;

    • to gain understanding of the content of the Book of Acts and its key themes;

    • to provide profound insights into the nature of the world and ways to share the Gospel in it;

    • to teach how to think yout way through the book of Acts;

    • to demonstrate that various events in the early church are historical actions in which the activity of God is revealed.

Course Outline

Lecture 1. Acts as the history record (Acts 1:1-6)

Lecture 2. Is there future of Kingdom of Israel? (Acts 1:6-8)

Lecture 3. You will be my witnesses (Acts 1:8)

Lecture 4. The authority for witnessing (Acts 1:8)

Lecture 5. Ascension of Christ and Replacement of Judah (Acts 1:9-26)

Lecture 6. Pentecost. The Gift of Tongues (Acts 2:1-13)

Lecture 7. Pentecost. The Sermon of Peter (Acts 2:14-38)

Lecture 8. Repentance on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:37-41)

Lecture 9. Life of the Early Church (Acts 2: 42-47)

Lecture 10.Healing the Lame Man (Acts 3:1-26)

Lecture 11. Peter and John Arrested (Acts 4)

Lecture 12. Overview of Acts 3-4

Lecture 13. Overview of Acts 1-4

Lecture 14. Judgement upon Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5: 1-11)

Lecture 15. The ministry of the Apostles (Acts 5: 12-42)

Lecture 16. Selection of the seven and the arest of Stephen (Acts 6)

Lecture 17. Stephen’s sermon (Acts 7)

Lecture 18. Spreading the Seed (Acts 8)

Lecture 19. The Conversion of Saul (Acts 9)

Lecture 20. Cornelius is Called to See Peter (Acts 10:1-6)

Lecture 21. Peter Meets Cornelius (Acts 10:7 -11:30)

Lecture 22. Peter’s Arrest and Deliverance (Acts 12)

Lecture 23. Beginning of the Mission to the Gentiles (Acts 13)

Lecture 24. Continuation of the First Missionary Journey (Acts 14)

Lecture 25. The Council at Jerusalem (Acts 15: 1-35)

Lecture 26. Disagreement between Paul and Barnabas (Acts 15: 36-41)

Lecture 27. The Macedonian Call (Acts 16: 1-13)

Lecture 28. First Convert in Europe (Acts 16:14-21)

Lecture 29. Paul and Silas Imprisoned (Acts 16: 22-40)

Lecture 30. Paul in Thessalonica, Berea and Athens (Acts 17: 1-21)

Lecture 31. Sermon on Mars Hill (Acts 17: 22-34)

Lecture 32. Paul at Corinth (Acts 18)

Lecture 33. Paul at Ephesus (Acts 19)

Lecture 34. Paul Travels to Miletus (Acts 20)

Lecture 35. Paul is Seized in the Temple (Acts 21)

Lecture 36. Paul’s Defense before the Jews and the Council (Acts 22: 1-23:35)

Lecture 37. Paul before Felix and Festus (Acts 24: 1-25:27)

Lecture 38. Paul before Agrippa (Acts 26)

Lecture 39. Paul is Sent to Rome (Acts 27:1-28:31)

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