Introduction to Pastoral Care and Counseling

Introduction to Pastoral Care and Counseling

Course Description

An introduction to the principles, and techniques involved in the pastoral ministry of care and counseling. The course emphasizes basic counseling skills and ability to relate to others. Biblical, theological, and ethical concerns in pastoral care ministry are discussed and an overview of common counseling concerns is presented.

Course Objectives

This course will help students:

  • to approach ministry counseling issues from a perspective of soul care, in order to help God’s people grow in Christlikeness as they deal with life’s problems and decisions;
  • gain knowledge of the history and place of counseling in pastoral and ministry settings, including some of the current controversies and issues in the practice of Biblical/Christian counseling;
  • to assess personal strengths and weaknesses in basic counseling skills;
  • to practice a basic problem-solving approach to common counseling problems.

Course Outline

Lecture 1.   The Harassed and Helpless Around You

Lecture 2.   Start by listening

Lecture 3.   The place of Scripture

Lecture 4.   Six basic dynamics of pastoral counseling

Lecture 5.   What makes a good counselor?

Lecture 6.   Biblical Theology for Counseling

Lecture 7.   The Care & Cure of Souls

Lecture 8.   Integration issues in Christian counseling

Lecture 9.   Sin

Lecture 10. Building with Broken People

Lecture 11. The Pastor’s Tools: Authority, Wisdom & Grace

Lecture 12. Key Transformative Biblical Principles

Lecture 13. Listening

Lecture 14. Prayer in Counseling

Lecture 15. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Lecture 16. Connecting, by Larry Crabb

Lecture 17. Recapping and strengthening what we’ve learned

Lecture 18. The Continuum of Care.

Lecture 19. Boundaries in Pastoral Counseling

Lecture 20. Wiseman, Pastor, Prophet, Priest: Tailoring Your Counseling Style

Lecture 21. The Power of Blessing

Lecture 22. Christians facing suffering

Lecture 23. Depression

Lecture 24. Grief

Lecture 25. Healing

Lecture 26. Spiritual Warfare in Counseling

Lecture 27. General work of pastoring

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