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seminary education online

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On Admission and Studying at TVSEMINARY


What is Online Learning?

Online learning is a new approach to education and learning over the Internet based on the use of modern information and multimedia technologies.

What are the Benefits of Online Learning?

Online learning has a number of advantages:

·       it is self-paced;

·       it is cost-effective;

·       it provides access to video lectures and course materials anywhere in the word at any time (where internet access is available);

·       simultaneous multi-user access.

For more detailed information please go to the «Benefits of Online Learning».

Is it Difficult to Study Online?

Online learning is undoubtedly more convenient than traditional classroom instruction. For many people today it is the only possible way of learning. However, this form of education (just like any other) requires much effort, self-discipline and commitment.  

How can I succeed as an online student with TVSEMINARY?

The following things will contribute to your success as a student of TVSeminary:

  • Access to Internet with a connection fast enough to watch videos on YouTube.
  • Motivation and discipline. You should have a desire to learn! We do our best to make the courses interesting and useful. Your part is to keep yourself focused and motivated all the way through the process.

Are there any limitations or restrictions for enrolling in TVSEMINARY?

Online learning with TVSeminary is open to everyone! All you need to do is to register for the course/module/program of your choice by entering your name, email address and the location (city and country). When your registration is complete, you will be given your Login Name and Password to access the selected course. All of this is free! If you have successfully completed your course and would like to receive a verified certificate, we will ask you to fill out a more detailed form. 

Does my registration as a student carry with it any special duties or responsibilities?

When you complete the registration, you will receive an email with your username and password to access your TVSeminary’s student’s account (by clicking on the link marked «Log in»). Here you can get a more detailed information on the selected course and take it if you choose to. Also you will be offered a choice regarding the form of learning and the level of your involvement. The course resources (video lectures, power point presentations, textbooks, articles, lecture outlines, forum discussions and self-assessment tests) will be made available to you even if you have no opportunity to actually take the course.

Can I cancel my registration?

You can easily cancel your registration by sending your request at We will notify you when the cancellation is done. 

What does the learning at TVSEMINARY look like?

Our online courses are divided into a number of study weeks. Each week a student is expected to watch a video lecture (a number of 5-15-minute video files), to study the supplementary materials, do the required reading, take a self-assessment test and participate in forum discussions. Such learning mode ensures consistency of material acquisition. A student gets access to the course materials for the next week, once he/she completes the assignments for the current week.

How long does it take to complete a course/program?

You will have a choice: you can either simply have permanent access to all the course resources (video lectures, textbooks, articles, power point presentations, lesson outlines, forum discussions and self-assessment tests) or become a full-fledged student. The projected hours of study required for completing a weekly assignment vary from 3 to 5. We value your time and do our best to make all the course elements comprehensible and effective. Our goal is your competence!

Why is it important to follow a weekly schedule?

The format of video lectures makes it possible to study any time at your convenience. Each student can create his/her own study plan. However, we recommend that you follow a weekly schedule for the following reasons: (1) it helps to keep your motivation up; (2) it helps to keep the students in step with one another.

Can I take more than one course at a time?

Yes, you may take multiple courses. However, make sure you are able to balance your available study hours and the requirements for the intended courses.

Can I access the course materials after I complete my study?

Once you complete the course, you will preserve access to all the course materials.

How can I talk to my tutor?

A student can write or email his/her tutor. Tutors also review and comment on your papers (if they are a part of the course requirements).

Is TVSEMINARY accredited?

All the courses in TVSeminary Catalogue are made available to the Consortium of Euro-Asian Accrediting Association (EAAA), which is a part of the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE Therefore, our courses are checked for compliance with the current standards for theological online education.

Will I have access to the electronic library?

All students of TVSEMINARY are eligible for access to the electronic library of Euro-Asian Accrediting Association (EAAA). If you become a student, you will receive your username and password to get an access to the library resources.

Who are the authors of TVSeminary courses?

ВWe make a responsible choice with regard to the professors we invite to teach. They are committed Christians and internationally recognized experts in their respective fields who have trained and worked in the best seminaries of the world.

If I enroll as a student, will I interact with my fellow-students?

Recent studies show that student interaction is a vital component of quality online learning. So we do our best to make TVSEMINARY learners feel a part of a learning community. For each of our courses we offer an online forum where students can interact on the difficult issues related to the course topic and receive the tutor’s feedback on the discussion. In addition, students can exchange their prayer needs and pray for one another on a regular basis.

What if my question is not answered here?

Please, contact us at or type in your question on our website (you can find a feedback form  on the “Contacts” page). We will do our best to help! 

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