Every year more and more TVSEMINARY students study via smartphones. Indeed, nowadays this tool is sufficient to ensure effective online teaching and learning. To make “mobile learning” even more convenient, TVSEMINARY has developed a mobile app for both Android and iOS.
This app allows downloading the whole course or a part of it to your smartphone so that you can thereafter study it offline. This may be especially helpful for learners who do not have permanent Internet connection. They can complete their assignments, view the forum and even write their comments offline. Once the Internet connection is regained, they can perform synchronization: the app will update the information and download new data.
You can download a lecture as an audio file, but to view it, you will still need Internet connection.
We are currently working on updating this application, so that you could receive mobile notifications. We hope this function will make learning even more convenient and pleasurable!

To download the application, click the following link: