The Gospel and Islam

The Gospel and Islam

The Gospel and Islam

Course Description

This invaluable course from an expert in comparitive religious studies examines Islam and Christianity at spiritual, cultural and communal levels. It explores the similiarities and differences found in Jesus and Muhammad, the Bible and the Qur’an, Jerusalem and Medina, the Church and Ummah.

This course is designed to  enable believers in Jesus Christ to understand the message of Islam and to be equipped to faithfully commend the Gospel of reconciliation in their engagement with Muslims.

Course Objectives

  • This course will help students:
  • to understand the beliefs and practices of Muslims;
  • to embrace the good news of the Gospel of reconciliation;
  • to equip disciples of Jesus for the calling to commend Christ;
  • to deepen the commitment and develop approaches to peacemaking relations   between Muslims and Christians;
  • to prepare for informed theological discourse and dialogue with Muslims.

Course Outline


Topic 1. Journey with Muslims

Topic 2. Quiz — What Do You Know About Islam?

Topic 3. Early Theological Formation in the Arabian Background

Topic 4. The Muslim Community (Ummah)

Topic 5. Muslim Theology and Praxis

Topic 6. Adam and Eve

Topic 7. Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac

Topic 8. Muhammad and Jesus

Topic 9. The Qur’an and the Bible

Topic 10. Tanzil and Incarnation

Topic 11. The Hijrah and the Cross

Topic 12. Medina and Jerusalem

Topic 13. Tawhid and Trinity

Topic 14. The Hajj and the Eucharist

Topic 15. Shari’a is Muslim Law

Topic 16. The Shi’a or Shi’ite Muslims

Topic 17. Sufi Mystics

Topic 18. Folk and Secularist Islam

Topic 19. Principles for Ministry Among Muslims

Topic 20. An Open Door (Revelation 3:7-12)

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