Spiritual Formation: The Untroubled Heart

Spiritual Formation: The Untroubled Heart


Course Description

Increasing number of believers are not experiencing the joy and life-change offered by Jesus Christ. Instead, they are frustrated and disillusioned. They are living with troubled heart. The course on Spiritual Formation  shows step by step how to rediscover God’s joy and peace and teaches how to live with a heart that has been changed, freed, healed and renewed.

Course Objectives

  • to explain the spiritual heart from a biblical perspective;

  • to identify the three common obstacles to a life of freedom;

  • to show step by step how to deal with self-destuctive behaviors;

  • to provide practical and biblical help on how to live out Jesus’ words in John 14:1.

Course Outline

Lecture 1. Understanding the Heart Biblically

1.1. The Definition and the Dimensions of the Heart.

1.2. The Diagnosis of the Heart.

1.3. The Descriptions and the Devastation of the Heart.

Lecture 2. Experiencing the Changed Heart

2.1. What is Conversion?

2.2. How does Conversion Take Place in the Heart?

2.3. Consecration.

Lecture 3. Freeing the Changed Heart

3.1. Introduction. Guilt and Guilt Feelings.

3.2. Powerful Reminders of God’s Grace.

3.3. Purposeful Responses to God’s Grace.

3.4. How to Free Our Hearts of Bitterness.

3.5. Forgiveness is a Process.

3.6. Four Promises to Myself.

3.7. Experiencing Freedom from Anxiety.

Lecture 4. Strengthening the Changed Heart

4.1. Guard Your Heart Diligently.

4.2. Nurture Your Heart Constantly.

4.3. Why Meditate? What Meditate on?

Lecture 5. Empowering the Changed Heart

5.1. The Importance of the Holy Spirit.

5.2. The Believer’s Responsibility.

5.2.1. Positive Commands.

5.2.2. Negative Commands.

5.2.3. Fruit of the Spirit. Conclusion.

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