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Each of us can change the world around. But the world that needs to be changed first is the one inside ourselves. That, we believe, can only be done by the transformative power of God’s Word. Therefore, TVSEMINARY makes every effort to soak people’s hearts and minds in the truths of Scripture. To that end we find top Bible scholars and extend their classrooms beyond the traditional four walls thus helping broader and more diverse student audiences to learn from them. We recognize the value of theological education and seek to make it high quality, life-long and comprehensive. Study with us to change within and change the world!



Our Bible online courses are a simple, easy-to-use (student-friendly) and accessible form of training

The Strong Sense of Classroom Presence

TVSEMINARIES’s online instruction is based on video lectures. You will experience a strong sense of a real classroom presence at the best seminaries of the world!

Certificate and Diploma Programs

TVSEMINARY offers a range of certificate and degree programs. Online training and learning are the future of Christian distance education!

Personalized Schedule

Get quality Bible education at TVSEMINARY by taking our online video courses at your own pace. Our virtual classrooms are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for anyone willing to learn and grow!


Easy Access

TVSEMINARY reaches beyond any geographical boundaries and instantly delivers the best video courses to any place at any time!

The Best Instructors

TVSEMINARY is a unique project in the area of online theological training, which provides access to lectures of the best seminaries and universities of the world!

Free Tuition/ Free access to learning

Select a course, sign up for it and get FREE access to all the course materials!

The Best Teachers

TVSEMINARY – is a unique project in the area of online theological training, which provides access to lectures of the best seminaries and universities of the world!


Partners of  TVSEMINARY

Choose to develop and grow

In the midst of your daily routines please remember that living for God means growing, and growing means learning. We invite you to grow and learn with TVSEMINARY and become more and more fruitful in your Christian life and ministry!

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We work hard to create enriching learning environments, adapt teaching to your needs, inspire you and keep your motivation high throughout the entire learning process. Study, practice and translate what you have learned into your everyday life and ministry.

TVSEMINARY means support

Our instructors will provide continued assistance and encouragement and work together with you towards getting the best learning results.

Join those who have already entered on a path to transformation! Share your thoughts, questions and experiences, inspire and get inspired, and receive support that is so greatly needed to change this world and affirm biblical truths.

Get a solid foundation

The world today challenges our faith and our beliefs. To withstand the attacks we need a solid foundation. The truth of the Bible can and should become the force on which we must rest. TVSEMINARY will help you to find correct answers to tough questions about man and God.

It is very easy to start!
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