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Would you like to know how the Christian church came into being and developed throughout the ages? Do you seek to explore the origins of its doctrine and how Christianity spread to Russia? Are you ready to discover mistakes of the past that we should try to avoid individually and corporately as a church? 

Trinity Video Seminary offers an online program in Church History.

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Educational goals of the program:

  • to examine the historical context of the New Testament writing; to discover the influence of the Greek, Roman and Jewish cultures, political structures, philosophy and theology on Early Christianity;
  • to outline the history of the Early Church and to demonstrate how Church Fathers contributed to the formation of Christian doctrines, affirmed at first Ecumenical Councils;
  • to explore and describe life and theological views of the Early Church Fathers;
  • to trace and analyze the formation of major Christian doctrines: the doctrine of the Trinity, the doctrine of Christ and the doctrine of the Holy Spirit;
  • to examine heresies in the first few centuries of Christianity;
  • to identify the historical, social and religious preconditions for the Reformation;
  • to study the foundational principles of the Reformation;
  • to explore the history of Christianity in Russia from the time of its Baptism to the present day;
  • to give an overview of the ideas and writings of the first Russian theologians;
  • to examine the major evangelical reformation movements in Russia – their consequences and implications;
  • to understand the factors that triggered and caused the Great Schism;
  • to identify the historical and religious preconditions of the Evangelical Revival of the 19th century.

Upon completion of the program you should have the skills and ability to:

  • explain how Christianity spread through the world and how the Reformation influenced life and Christian doctrine in different countries;  
  • understand the nature of the problems that Early Church leaders faced and develop your own opinion on these issues;
  • display a basic familiarity with the process of the formation of Christian Doctrine in Church history;
  • understand the preconditions, challenges and effects of the Reformation;
  • discuss the specific way Christianity arose and developed in Russia and how it shaped its present form


To familiarize yourself with the modular program “Church History”, please download the file: church_history_2014

This program available ONLY IN RUSSIAN

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