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Biblical Counseling

Biblical Counseling


Biblical Counseling

Do you seek to help people resolve the difficult situations they are experiencing? Do you want to know which models of counseling are more effective? Are you willing to serve people by guiding them through their life crises?

TVSeminary offers an online program in Biblical Counseling.


Educational goals of the program:

  • to identify the biblical view on the nature and basic needs of a human being;
  • to enable the students to form, comprehend and evaluate various approaches to Christian counseling;
  • to encourage biblical view of human personality and the implementation of a communicative approach to counseling;
  • to identify the key stages of spiritual growth and apply this knowledge to specific problem-solving in counseling;
  • to provide an overview of the counseling process using the example of a personal growth group;
  • to emphasize the significance of the spiritual aspect in relationship-building.

Upon completion of the program you should have the skills and ability to:

  • identify various biblical counseling approaches;
  • engage in a dialogue with counselees, work through their personal problems, develop character and discipline;
  • intervene with interpersonal problems present in marital and other family relationships;
  • identify the behavioral manifestations of self-centeredness and psychological masks and address these issue from the biblical point of view;
  • build a dialogue and resolve conflicts.


To familiarize yourself with the modular program “Biblical Counseling”, please download the file: Biblical_Counceling_2014

This program available ONLY IN RUSSIAN 

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