Do you want to be able to tell truth from falsehood? Are you willing to make a persuasive case for Christianity and give well-grounded responses to the criticisms of Christian beliefs? Do you seek to protect the Church from false doctrines?

TVSeminary offers an online program in Apologetics.


Educational goals of the program:

  • demonstrate relevance and significance of the present-day apologetics
  • equip learners to explain and defend the essential doctrines of Christianity;
  • explain basic theistic arguments and explore the ways of their practical application;
  • give an overview of the origin, history and teachings of the world’s most infamous cults.  
  • equip learners to understand and respond to the claims of the three main world religions;
  • make learners aware of the basic biblical and scientific evidence proving the existence of God;
  • present the essence of Darwin’s evolutionary theory and teach learners to respond to them from Christian perspective; 
  • make a case for a unique design of Earth and fine tuning for life on our planet, which testifies to the necessity of a Creator;
  • provide learners with basic facts of the doctrine of divine healing, explore some of the most common biblical, logical, emotional and factual arguments supporting this doctrine; present biblical teaching on human suffering. 

Upon completion of the program you should have the skills and ability to:

  • engage in constructive discussions related to Christian faith, be able to support and defend Truth; 
  • understand and respond to the basic claims of the world’s major religions; 
  • identify false doctrines of various cults and respond to them with consistent and solid biblical teaching; 
  • Explain the biblical view of human sickness and suffering.


To familiarize yourself with the modular program “Apologetics”, please download the file: Apologetics_2014 

This program available ONLY in Russian

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