Theology of rest

Theology of rest


Course Description

This course is designed to help the learners find the rest they need to survive and thrive in life, work and ministry. It is about desire for God and intimacy with God, the ongoing validity and importance of the fourth command.

The course is divided into three segments. The first discusses how God is pleased when we rest. The second sergment consists of five session pertaining to how we rest in a restless world. The third segment explains how to take this rest into our workplaces and homes.

Course Objectives

The overall goal of this course is to help learners understand the the value and importance of the principles of Sabbath rest. After watching lectures, reading the textbook, completing the assigned coursework, students will

  • grow in their ability to articulate a biblical theology of rest;
  • learn how to evaluate their personal relationship with God through an experience of a Sabbath-rest;
  • become alert to the pitfalls of ministry;
  • gain wisdom from teacher’s personal testimonies.

Course Outline

Lecture 1. Rest, the Pleasure of His Image

1.1.Introduction. Sabbath Definitions

1.2. Rest as a Core Value

1.3. Back to the Beginning

1.4. What is Divine Rest?

1.5. Rest in a Fallen World

Lecture 2. Rest, the Pleasure of His Trust

2.1. Exodus 16:21-30. Bible Study Method

2.2. Exodus 16:21-30. Gathering

Lecture 3. Rest, the Pleasure of His Sabbath

3.1. God’s Gift to Man

3.2. Man’s Gift to God

3.3. Summary

Lecture 4. Rest, the Pleasure of His Perspective

4.1. The Loss of Perspective

4.2.Symptoms of Lost Perspective

4.3. Perspective, a God’s Eye View

Lecture 5. Rest, the Pleasure of His People

5.1. Limits of Leasure

5.2. Where is the Joy?

5.3. Rest is about Repentance

Lecture 6. Sabbath,  a Time to Discover

6.1.First Sabbath Experience

6.2. Statements about Sabbath Rest

6.3. From Sabbath to the Lord’s Day

Lecture 7. Sabbath, a Time to Release

7.1. Dangers of workaholism

7.2. The Lord’s Ministry of Deliverance

7.3. Exercise for Releasing Concerns

Lecture 8. Sabbath, a Time to Review

8.1. Personal approach

8.2. Systematic approach

Lecture 9. Sabbath, a Time to Remember

9.1. The Bible as the family photo album

9.2. Exercise on remembering God

Lecture 10. Sabbath, a Time to Look Forward

Lecture 11. Taking a Load Off as God Intends

11.1. Rest from Your Work

11.2. Rest at Your Work

11.3. Self-Imposed Loads

Lecture 12. Commuting Between Two Poles

12.1  Private Life and Public Life

12.2. Three Temptations

Lecture 13. The Twenty-Third Psalm, a Recipe for Rest

13.1. Introduction

13.2. The Lord is my Satisfaction

13.3. The Lord is my Security

13.4. The Lord is my Success

Lecture 14. Rest, Forgiving as Forgiven

14.1. Take the Initiative!

14.2. Forgiveness and Consequences

Lecture 15. From Rest to Revival

15.1. When does Rebellion happen?

15.2. When does Revival happen?

A Sabbath-Rest Experience Briefing

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