Real Churches

Real Churches

Course Description

Real Churches brings together biblical teaching, wisdom gained from personal experience and practical guidelines to gain fresh insight, inspiration, and hope for your church. The lectures of the course focus on hard issues churches face every day and offer real help to overcome difficult situations in the local church.

Course Objectives

  • to explain the influence of a post modern culture;
  • to teach how to deal with disagreements and conflicts;
  • to give new insights into the role and responsibilities of church leaders;
  • to share biblical teaching on spiritual gifts;
  • to encourage development of skills in management and vision implementation.

Course Outline

Lecture 1. Real Churches Center on Christ

1.1. Real Churches Experience the Real Gospel.

1.2. Real Churches Experience the Real Holy Spirit and Jesus.

Lecture 2. Real Churches Develop Leaders

2.1. The Profile of a Learner.

2.2. The Profile of a Laborer.

2.3. The Profile of a Leader.

2.4. The Profile of an Elder.

Lecture 3. Real Churches Coach

3.1. Coaches relate and help to reflect.

3.2. Coaches help to refocus, resource and review.

Lecture 4. Real Churches Use Spiritual Gifts

4.1. Introduction. Prophesy.Serving.

4.2. Teaching. Encouragement. Giving. Leadership. Mercy.

Lecture 5. Real Churches Multiply

5.1. DNA of Multiplication. D = Death.

5.2. DNA of Multiplication. N = New Wineskins.

5.3. DNA of Multiplication. A= Apprentice.

Lecture 6. Real Churches Thrive in Postmodern World

Lecture 7. Real Churches Innovate

7.1. Six Innovations. Part 1.

7.2. Six Innovations. Part 2.

Lecture 8. Real Churches Manage Conflict

8.1. Conflict Styles: a Turtle and a Shark.

8.2. Conflict Styles: a Teddy Bear, a Fox and an Owl.

Lecture 9. Real Churches Treat Staff Infections

9.1. The Nature of the Staff Infections.

9.2. How to Handle a wolf.

Lecture 10. Real Churches Disarm Disputes

10.1. Absolute Truths and Disputable Matters.

10.2. Romans 14: Three Directives.

Lecture 11. Real churches are Friends

11.1. The Key to Understanding John 21.

11.2. Five Facets of Friendship.

Lecture 12. Real Churches Develop Naturally

12.1. Eight Essentials of Natural Church Development. Part 1.

12.2. Essentials of Natural Church Development. Part 2.

12.3.  Essentials of Natural Church Development. Part 3.

Lecture 13. Real Churches Understand Leadership Gifts

13.1. Teachers.

13.2. Pastors. Evangelists. Prophets.

13.3. Apostles.

Lecture 14. Real Churches Can Turn Around

14.1. Trust and Confidence.

14.2. Outward Focus. Welcoming.

14.3. Pivot.

Lecture 15. Real Churches Call Empowering Elders

15.1. Effective Elder Boards. Part 1.

15.2. Effective Elder Boards. Part 2.

Lecture 16. Real Churches Implement Vision

16.1. Vision and Implementation.

16.2. Five Phases of Management.

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